Sunday, May 12, 2013

Valcarta Art Blog for Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day Valcartians!

Today we have a special art blog. As per request today I'll be showing our newest piece of character art. A fairy named Yiako!

More information about Yiako will be released later! You'll find him on the Fayvale path!

Next we have Mystic Smiths: 

Mystic Smith's will teach you about crafting and sell crafting materials unable to be found anywhere else.

Next we have our shopkeepers:

You'll find her anytime you need potions, teleport stones, or stimulants!

LASTLY! We have someone incredible special that no information will be released about! So make sure you post your speculations in the comment box below.

Until Next Time~
Art and Lorecat
Blacksword Games

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