Sunday, January 27, 2013

Valcarta II: Awakening Preproduction update 3!

Greetings Valcartians ~

This week was a crazy one!

During the input of all our 1500ish skills, we ran into a small issue of a system limit of 999. Alas through vigorous research and Mikheli's super detective skills, we found a way to bypass that issue!

After, couldn't have been more than a hour, Mikheli got into a car accident! She is alright, although she has a few bruises and a bad knee now. She is most definitely feeling the injuries this afternoon.

Good news on the crafting system phase 1 has been complete and now Mikheli has begun inputting recipes!

Talon has been making exceptional progress inputting skills, finishing 4 character + a day (each character has 75ish skills).

Sorry for the short post~

Also! The Dev Blog will now be updated every other week!
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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Valcarta II: Awakening Preproduction Update 2!

Greetings Valcartians~

With preproduction well under way, we have completed several preproduction goals and have very few left to do! We are almost out of preproduction and well on our way into production!

Talon has finished making all the 19 character skills (Mikheli made Mikheli and Yiako!). He is currently inputting each skill into the system. (About 1,500 skills to input!) He's also finished making all the enemy skills and items!

Talon has also made some dungeon puzzles, including:

Switch Puzzles - 
A simple device system used by many humanoid run systems to keep unintelligent life forms away. Switch Puzzles use a network of switches to change or alter the position of a room or object in means of opening up a path. 

Labyrinth Defense -
First used by the Yeti-Men of Abardean, the Labyrinth Defense system has made it's way into many different dungeons and caves to protect their good from robbers. Although not overly tricky, the Labyrinth is normally full of dangerous monsters and will take a lot of patience and self-awareness to get through. Travelers beware, as your map, nor any tool will save you from this kind of puzzle. 

Moving Lights -
Created by the Illymader half-breeds, the Moving Death defense system is a complex system of spikes and other various instruments of impaling, slicing and overall just spilling blood. It is said a small ball of Fay light will be able to guide you through the proper path. The you will need to memorize the movement of this Orb if you wish to pass unharmed.

Moving Lights Trap in Progress

Dwarven Lock (Mikheli's favorite)
Created by the mining men of Lorham, the Dwarven Lock defense system is a more advanced maze then the typical Abardean Labyrinth. The Dwarven Lock is designed to keep everything that doesn't bleed metal, out. A maze that changes it's lay out constantly, and is never quite the same. Many dangers lurk within the walls and the roof of these mazes, attempting to pluck off unwary travelers who may stumble in and get stuck. 

And a few other types (Don't want to spoil everything now!)

The World map for Valcarta II Awakening has been thoroughly planned out, now our artist Kuma is taking the map and rendering it for our fancy new map travel system! (More on that later!)

The sprite version of Valcarta II!
Mikheli has finished making the character sheet, and may share with you a bit about the new characters in future blogs! She is now working on making every animation for the skills and making the synthesis system's recipes!

Also special sneak peek for you! We may have an artist to do the character images in Valcarta II! I heard a rumor in the winds that a interview with him is being planned for a blog in the near future! 

We have now sold 17 copies of Valcarta I since launch! We are hoping for even more, so keep telling people about us! If you are curious and haven't obtained your copy yet head to Blacksword Games and prepare yourself for a adventure and story like no other! Also with Valcarta I, you'll recieve a Lorebook with history and extra tidbits about the world, (includes maps of all the dungeons!) and a Audio Lorebook! 

As always, we wish to thank you for your continued support of Valcarta and Blacksword Games. It's a pleasure and honor to have you as fans!

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Monday, January 21, 2013

The Three Heros of Valcarta II: Awakening

Greetings fellow Valcartians! (That's right Trekies now have competition.)

I bet you all are interested in what we have been doing as of late! Well, as you may have heard we are introducing a third path, Fayvale Special Ops, for Valcarta II: Awakening, while having the two previous paths of Light and Dark Valak continue.

I'd like to take a moment to share with you the main characters of each path. (SPOILERS ABOUND!)

 Valak at the beginning of Valcarta I
Valak - 
A quiet young man from the village of Orm who once lived in Sleemonburg, where he was raised by an old couple who found him on their doorstep late one night. On a trip to Orm on Valak's 14th year, both of his caretakers were killed... Left in front of the small village, Orm, Valak ran for his life to escape the cloaked killer. As the sun broke through the horizon, the killer disappeared. Valak, in terrible shock fainted in the gateway to Orm, and was found by the old Innkeeper and taken in. From that point on, Valak swore to avenge his old guardians, and took up a sword to learn how to defend himself from the world's dangers.

Growing up in Drachell wasn't easy for Valak. He was always a bit different compared to everyone else. Never said much, normally kept to himself. His red colored eyes often scared away people. His long White Hair made the boys tease him about his gender as well... Many people grew suspicious of Valak, since he clearly was not a normal Human. How did he get here, through the magic? What was he? Valak has grow up to become Orm village's protector. Helping travelers get from Orm to Renkar, or Malvern without fear of anything on the streets. Due to the magics of the Cleansing Ritual being in place, Valak has had to deal with much of anything aside from the occasional bandits, until now...
After entering a mysterious house Valak was thrown into a decision no man could be ready for. Would he follow the path of light or darkness?

 Dark Path -

Dark Valak at the end of Valcarta I

Valak chose the darkness not knowing what could go wrong. Upon his choice a mysterious figure appeared and granted Valak the power of Darkness, "asking" him to join the Brotherhood and to stop the Empire. After completing his first mission, Valak arrived in Sleemonburg and met Astrid, Astrid asked Valak if he could help her stop the Empire from purging all the non-human races of the world. Valak agreed and set off to find the eight crystals of the Elemental Lords so that their powers could aid them in saving the world. Valak who was soon asked by Astrid (who we find out is really Synkale) if he'd join her and become her champion. Valak accepted and began feeling changes, having the Elemental Lord of Darkness residing within his soul, had brought forth great power. After finding the Summoner's Staff Valak, Synkale and the rest of his team continued onward in search for more crystals. At last when all the crystals had been acquired Valak and Synkale headed towards the Ritual Shrine, hoping that summoning the elemental lords would save Drachell from being purged. But as fate would have it, Valak and his team were tricked by Synkale, and ended up releasing Ragnarok upon the world.
Dark Valak at the beginning of Valcarta II
(Sample art - Subject to change)
Which now leads us to the start of Valcarta II: Awakening... Valak and Synkale have been missing for nearly three months, Ragnarok's power is began to show throughout the land. The story starts upon Valak and Synkale's return...

Light Path -
Light Valak at the end of Valcarta I
Valak chose Light instead of the Darkness. Upon his choice a mysterious figure emerged and stole the "darkness" from his heart making him a pure and true man. Secretly leaving the essence of Hyperion inside the unknowingly young Valak. Upon going home and talking with his town's mayor he learned many distressing things. With the urge to help rid the land of evil, he meets with the king who tells them that the Brotherhood is up to no good and are beginning to collect the crystals to "sabotage" the cleansing ritual that holds Ragnarok at bay. Upon bringing the first crystal to a hidden armory, the main researcher there notices that Valak has a strange presence within him. Putting Valak asleep he awakens this presence and alerts Valak that Hyperion lies within him. Hyperion and Valak learn that the seals keeping Ragnarok at bay are failing, but there is hope as a method has been found to keep him sealed. Hyperion, wanting nothing more than to stop Synkale and help with the start of a new cleansing ritual asks Valak to become his champion.  Valak agrees with honor becoming a champion of light, and was given the power to heal and save. Valak, Hyperion, and his team go off to gather the elemental lords. After retrieving a vast amount of crystals, Valak and Hyperion fight Dark Talon and Synkale. Hyperion exorcises Talon, removing Synkale, putting her back in her Crystal. Valak and group then return to the Hidden Armory and being production on the Omni-Champion gems. At the end of production, they attempt to make one more and Synkale springs from her crystal to destroy the fragile orb, releasing Ragnarok from his binds.
Light Valak at the beginning of Valcarta II
(Sample art - Subject to change)
In the beginning of Valcarta II: Awakening, Valak has made his way to Illymader, working with Emperor Sleemon, he is trying to figure a way how to stop Ragnarok. And to save Sleemonburg from the threat of the Faywielding elves.

Fayvale Special Ops - Mission: To stop Ragnarok and bring piece to Fayvale and the Fayweilders.


(Sample art - Subject to change)

A product of the military. Aleciair was only 14 when he entered the military. Under strict training from the Airwielders. When he was the only one to return from his last mission, he was promoted to the Fayvale Special Ops leader. At the beginning of Valcarta II Aleciair is choosen to unite a team containing many of Fayvale's races to halt the war and stop Ragnarok.
Hopefully this is enough to fulfill your Valcarta II cravings for the day!
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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Valcarta II: Awakening Preproduction Synthesis System!

Today, we are going to show off our new synthesis system!

During the pre-production discussions between Talon and I, we decided to take junk items that are dropped by the monsters of Valcarta I and incorporate it into a synthesis system. Incorporating this new system should give the player the much needed customization feel that Valcarta I seemed to lack.

The synthesis, weapon, and armour systems of Valcarta II will have multiple tiers of base materials; Iron, Steel, Fay Glass, Fay Root, etc. Within each tier there will be multiple weapon and armor types, Cesti, Swords, Eye Patches, Sollerets, etc. In this system, one would be able to take a base item such as a Iron Sword and a piece of junk, acquired from defeating monsters, questing, or even buying from a shop and combine them together to form a new item. Based on what was used within the synthesis, different effects will occur. For example: Iron Longsword + Angel Tear = Iron Longsword of Demonsbane.

Sounds simple enough, right? Well it's actually more complicated then I let on.

You see, I could have Iron Cesti and that same Angel Tear from before, and attempt to combine them, forming a "Holy Cesti" giving me additional Light damage on hit. Different base weapons provide different results, even when the same junk is thrown into the mix, same goes for armor!
Example of two items that have been merged with a base.
With this type of system, we are planning to make certain types of weapons or armour exclusive to certain effects, such as: Only swords can have a "of Dragon Slaying" effect, meaning that regardless of the materials used, weapon and armor bases have their own specific range of additional effects that they can handle. As mentioned above, Swords are the only thing capable of supporting the Dragon Slaying effect, thus making Spears or Axes unable to house this effect through synthesis.

Going even further, we want to make it so that certain base materials can't yield certain effects either! Such as these two weapons, Iron Sword and Adamantine Sword, while the Iron Sword and a few other base types of swords could produce a "of Dragon-slaying" end result, the Adamantine Sword would be unable to merge with the Dragon's Talon due to it's nature to reflect items of intense Fay power. Instead, the Adamantine Sword would yield a different effect, while using the same materials.

Hopefully, we will create a system that is not only fun to play with, but makes you plan ahead before you make a new weapon or armour!

Until Next Time,
Amanda Smith (Mikheli)
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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Valcarta II: Awakening Preproduction and Our CEO's Birthday!

A hint to what we've been working on since launch of Valcarta I:

Talon has begun to make the each of the 19 characters skills and develop their leveling paths. Around a total of 1,425 skills have been made. (Even though Talon's made 18 characters Mikheli made Mikheli!) We hope you look forward to the new class system Valcarta II will have to offer! (Gonna keep it under secret for now stay tuned for more!)

Mikheli has been working on character profiles giving each character a distinct personality and feel. Maria, Dark path Valak, Mikheli, and Seraphim all have been updated for the ending of V1 (Valcarta I: Rise of the Demon). Hope you are excited for the changes they may or may not have undergone! Mikheli will be working on the rest of these profiles today and finishing them up tomorrow! (Maybe she'll be inclined to share a bit about one of the new characters that we'll meet in Valcarta II.)

A sample of the sprite: Guess which character this is!
It's Mikheli!

We have begun to make the new world map, making basic ideas of the provinces. Valcarta II will feature 2 new provinces and the updated province of Drachell that was featured in Valcarta I. The map you see below won't be used in game at all. 
One of the two newest provinces: Illymader

We have Kuma (poster artist from Valcarta I) making us a rendered map! We have more secrets and news about the world map that'll be released later on so stay tuned!

We have had a lot of progress this week!

We are also speculating starting a kick starter next month to help with things! With this kick starter we are hoping to find a Ruby Scripter (with RGSS3 experience preferably) and a Artist (spriter experience is a plus!) We hope to be able to hire some for these roles to make Valcarta II the best we can for our fans, but as of right now we have no money, nor much to offer... except portfolio experience and the hope of breaking into the gaming industry. But if our kick starter goes well we might be able to offer some sort of payment for the work. 
If you are interested in working with us please hit us up with a email:

We've sold 7 copies of Valcarta I since the 15th and are hoping for much more as the word gets out.
If you haven't gotten your copy yet head to: Blacksword Games and prepare your self for a adventure like no other!

One of the cool things that happened this week was we got featured on Buy Some Indie Games: Check it out here!

As we bring today's dev blog to a close, I (Mikheli), would like to say Happy Birthday to Talon (Taylor Cox - Lead Developer, Producer, Designer of Valcarta, and CEO of Blacksword Games). We have deemed today a Blacksword Games wide holiday and as such I apparently have a free day (but we all know we'll be working anyways!)

Until Next Time,
Amanda Smith (Mikheli)
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