Sunday, January 27, 2013

Valcarta II: Awakening Preproduction update 3!

Greetings Valcartians ~

This week was a crazy one!

During the input of all our 1500ish skills, we ran into a small issue of a system limit of 999. Alas through vigorous research and Mikheli's super detective skills, we found a way to bypass that issue!

After, couldn't have been more than a hour, Mikheli got into a car accident! She is alright, although she has a few bruises and a bad knee now. She is most definitely feeling the injuries this afternoon.

Good news on the crafting system phase 1 has been complete and now Mikheli has begun inputting recipes!

Talon has been making exceptional progress inputting skills, finishing 4 character + a day (each character has 75ish skills).

Sorry for the short post~

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Until Next Time,
Amanda Smith (Mikheli)
Official Lorecat @ Blacksword Games

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