Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Valcarta II: Awakening Preproduction Update 2!

Greetings Valcartians~

With preproduction well under way, we have completed several preproduction goals and have very few left to do! We are almost out of preproduction and well on our way into production!

Talon has finished making all the 19 character skills (Mikheli made Mikheli and Yiako!). He is currently inputting each skill into the system. (About 1,500 skills to input!) He's also finished making all the enemy skills and items!

Talon has also made some dungeon puzzles, including:

Switch Puzzles - 
A simple device system used by many humanoid run systems to keep unintelligent life forms away. Switch Puzzles use a network of switches to change or alter the position of a room or object in means of opening up a path. 

Labyrinth Defense -
First used by the Yeti-Men of Abardean, the Labyrinth Defense system has made it's way into many different dungeons and caves to protect their good from robbers. Although not overly tricky, the Labyrinth is normally full of dangerous monsters and will take a lot of patience and self-awareness to get through. Travelers beware, as your map, nor any tool will save you from this kind of puzzle. 

Moving Lights -
Created by the Illymader half-breeds, the Moving Death defense system is a complex system of spikes and other various instruments of impaling, slicing and overall just spilling blood. It is said a small ball of Fay light will be able to guide you through the proper path. The you will need to memorize the movement of this Orb if you wish to pass unharmed.

Moving Lights Trap in Progress

Dwarven Lock (Mikheli's favorite)
Created by the mining men of Lorham, the Dwarven Lock defense system is a more advanced maze then the typical Abardean Labyrinth. The Dwarven Lock is designed to keep everything that doesn't bleed metal, out. A maze that changes it's lay out constantly, and is never quite the same. Many dangers lurk within the walls and the roof of these mazes, attempting to pluck off unwary travelers who may stumble in and get stuck. 

And a few other types (Don't want to spoil everything now!)

The World map for Valcarta II Awakening has been thoroughly planned out, now our artist Kuma is taking the map and rendering it for our fancy new map travel system! (More on that later!)

The sprite version of Valcarta II!
Mikheli has finished making the character sheet, and may share with you a bit about the new characters in future blogs! She is now working on making every animation for the skills and making the synthesis system's recipes!

Also special sneak peek for you! We may have an artist to do the character images in Valcarta II! I heard a rumor in the winds that a interview with him is being planned for a blog in the near future! 

We have now sold 17 copies of Valcarta I since launch! We are hoping for even more, so keep telling people about us! If you are curious and haven't obtained your copy yet head to Blacksword Games and prepare yourself for a adventure and story like no other! Also with Valcarta I, you'll recieve a Lorebook with history and extra tidbits about the world, (includes maps of all the dungeons!) and a Audio Lorebook! 

As always, we wish to thank you for your continued support of Valcarta and Blacksword Games. It's a pleasure and honor to have you as fans!

Until Next Time,
Amanda Smith (Mikheli)
Official Lorecat @ Blacksword Games

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